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Losing weight naturally

Gery Kamau

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Over the normal body weight is not good for anybody. This has been a thorny issue for a long time majorly affecting women who are more inclined to how they look than their male counterparts.

Studies have shown that over weight people have lower self esteem as compared to normal weight people. This is due to the fact that over weight people are viewed as not being able to undertake swift tasks due to their body weight.

Some drugs have been said to reduce ones weight but many have had adverse effects on the overall health of the people who use them. However treating this issue requires discipline as the results do not come by in a short time. Natural weight loss plans do not use any medical drugs in their operation and have been said to increase general well being of the people who use them.

Replace sugar drinks with water. Sugar is the biggest culprit in weight gain. We Unconciously gain weigh by having a high sugar in take. Water on the other hand reduces the uptake of sugar giving you a wholesome life.

Have a goal of losing an amount of weight in a given time frame. Set realistic and attainable goals in your weight loss journey as this will increase your motivation in dealing with the issue when you attain those goals.

Be active. Increased activity will surely burn the calories and definitely reduce weight. Taking along walk, taking the stairs instead of the lift, cycling instead of taking the bus are just some of the ways one can be able to burn calories ultimately reducing weight.

The weight loss journey should be as simple as it can be.


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