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Top car maintenance tips.

Gery Kamau

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Vehicles are these reliable machines that ferry people and goods from one point to another with ease. They are machines which means they tend to break down in their operations over a period of time. Thus the need for proper maintenance so as to ascertain longetivity in their working.

Some expert maintenance tips for vehicles are as follows

  1. Tire rotation: This ensures even tire wear saving you the hustle of having flat tire often. Also ensuring correct tire pressure on all the tires will go a long way in ensuring safety as this prevents the occurences of tire bursts that has claimed many lives.
  2. Check and ensure all oil levels are proper: Driving a vehicle without oil will lead to serious damages in the engines ultimately leading to expensive repairs. Oil is essential for lubrication and proper engine and other systems functionality.
  3. Test your headlights and other lights regularly:Lights are very bimportant escpecially at night. Check and confirm their operation mainly head and brake lights.
  4. Check and replace worn out windshield wipers.
  5. Check and replace worn out battery: Many modern vehicles rely on batteries to power systems in their cars from infotainment to starting the vehicle. It should be checked regularly.

The bottom line is that maintenance is key to the long life of the vehicle.

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