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Why do we pray?

Gery Kamau

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Prayer is the communication between human beings and God. Prayer is the direct link to God where we connect with Him and He listens to us and answers our prayers through deeds and actions. It is a vital part of a christians life as it holds the key to leading a fulfilled christian life.

Prayer provides answers to our everyday questions of life. The questions that seem to have no end. By listening to God and what He has to say about you and your life will help you understand better your purpose in this life.

It helps you find directions in life. Through praying secretly to God in times of distress, He will show you how loving and caring He is to to those who believe and trust in His name. Even when it seems that He has forgotten about our prayer requests, prayer in itself is a way of finding peace.

Working of miracles in our lives is made possible by the prayers we submit to God. Miracles are made possible by immersing oneself in the faith that God promises to those who believe in Him. People have been healed of chronic life threatening diseases by praying their way pout of imminent disaster.

Prayer is the ultimate key of delivering the grace of God inĀ  our lives.

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