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"I have a 2000 Toyota corolla that has been a daily drive for over a year now. Recently it started developing starting problems almost daily. What do I need to look out for in this kind of situation?"

Gery Kamau

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Toyotas are solid vehicles but can get a little fussy when they start breaking down. 

Things to look out for in this kind of situation:

  • A weak or almost dead battery.  Batteries power almost everything in the car where most of them have a lifespan of five years.  have yours checked and replace with a new one to prevent starting problems
  • Stuck or jammed starter. The starters only job in a vehicle is to simply turn the engine so it could start. An auto electrician will diagnose and check if the unit is faulty and needs replacement or servicing.
  • Faulty fuel pump. When this unit is not working well fuel will not reach the engine hence the engine wont start. A technician will have to retrieve the pump from the vehicles tank and check for its operation. It may need replacement or servicing.
  • No fuel. A vehicle with no fuel in the tank will not start.



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