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Gery Kamau

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The youth are the future. They have so much energy and vitality to keep the world moving. However they get lost along the way on matters finance making themselves vulnerable to the harsh economic demands of our time.

All is not gloom though as some measures can be taken in individual capacity to salvage the already dire situation. Some pointers include:

Technical vocational skills. A skilled person is already economically empowered in that they could be emp0loyed or be employers who rum small to big enterprises. The government needs to intervene in this space to subsidize the educational costs that are quite hefty thus creating a vibrant workforce.

Developing advocacy and leadership skills among the youth. Positive leadership skills and the knowledge of looking after your interests and those of others will surely play a big role in creating a big pool of financially empowered youth who are self dependent.

Investing in financial literacy. Knowledge of finance and how to handle money matters is very important in overall growth mindset of a youth. The youth themselves need to seek information on finance to have a clear understanding of how money works.

The bottom line is that the youth have a lot of opportunities at their disposal and need to tap into the ever flowing stream of money.

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This is an interesting topic and also a great point. I am considered a millennial and I struggle with finances significantly, as I have also noticed that many of my peers do as well. We see those that are considered our elders prospering in riches, with stable, well paying careers, while the youth of today struggle to find their purpose and are distracted by things that weren’t distractions to those that came before us. Times have changed and my generation needs to step up and take responsibility for their financial goals and responsibilities.

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