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"Guys, I have a tight budget of 500 dollars and looking for fast gaming laptop. Kindly give me two options that have one just above the said price and one below the markl.

Gery Kamau

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A fast gaming laptop can cost you a lot of money on purchase. They are quite expensive and go over the 500 dollar mark but its not entirely impossible to find one on the said budget. The downside will be playing games that were quite popular long ago with low resolution graphics

What we considered:

  • Storage.
  • Graphics.
  • Random Access Memory.
  • CPU speed.

Let us dive right into it.

HP Notebook 15. The cheapest of this list retailing at 385 dollars at Walmart. Has  a RAM of 8Gb and internal memory storage of 256 Gb. Has a relatively low CPU speed at 1.2ghz with a resolution of 13.66 by 786P. I t will most likely play cheap and low quality games due to its specifications. It is suitable for light gaming.

  1. Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop. Retailing at 500 dollars on Amazon this is definitely a better option than the Hp. Boasting a solid 20Gb RAM and a hard disc capacity of 512gb and a CPU speed of 3.50ghz this will play some modern games but not those with superior graphic requirements. It is a solid machine that will handle the tasks assigned to it properly.
  2. Dell Inspiron 15 3511. This one has a 12Gb RAM with a CPU speed of 3.60ghz. High resolution of 1920 by 1080P on a 15.6 inches display. Amazon have it retailing at 490 dollars. Some games will be too much for it but will handle most of them well especially those with low resolutions.

Have a look at them and decide the one that suits your needs.



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