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How to Use Your Chakra’s to Manifest Your Dreams


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In today’s world, the Law of Attraction has become a common topic, and while it may seem woo woo to skeptics and non believers, it has proven to be a very real, very obtainable practice by successful people, if you just get your mind right. What I mean by that, is simply that you must align the vibration of your beliefs and emotions with your desired reality. Know it is yours and feel as though it already is, and it will be.

 Now, let’s take this a step further. We all have 7 chakra centers within our body, that play a major roll in our mental, physical and spiritual health. I want you to stop for a moment and consider how powerful your ability to manifest could be, if you used each unique chakra to fuel your dream into reality! 

 Here I will list each chakra center and its defining principle in relation to The Law of Attraction, as well as how exactly you can utilize these principles to create your desired reality:

1. 7th chakra (crown)- Consciousness creates

    • The crown chakra is where your manifestation will begin. You will use your conscious awareness to draw attention to your dream. This can be done by consistently meditating on your desire, setting daily intentions and asking big questions (“What would it feel like if this were my reality right now?” Or “How might my life begin to change and improve if my dream were manifested into reality?”

2. 6th chakra (third eye)- Vision vitalizes

    • Manifesting with the third eye chakra requires you to look within yourself to discover your life purpose through identifying past patterns, dreaming about your ideal life and becoming confident in what you want to manifest to fulfill your purpose. This could look like, spending time in silence, strengthening your ability to imagine through consistent practice and trusting your intuition.

3. 5th chakra (throat)- Conversion catalyzes

    •Now that you have a dream that you want to manifest, it’s time to start communicating your desire to people in your life who have your best interest at heart and even to yourself by developing an internal dialogue with your chakras. Get excited and share with your loved ones what you are trying to manifest or broadcast it by posting about it on social media, a podcast or write a song about your desire and perform it. 

4. 4th chakra (heart)- Love launches

    • Now you are starting to see your dream take shape and form in your life. It’s time to allow relationships to blossom that will assist you in co-creating. Embrace asking for help and strengthening your support network. Connect with your heart and ask yourself what you love about your dream. 

5. 3rd chakra (solar plexus)- Power produces

    •It is time to take action. The solar plexus calls for you to be proactive and align your will with your desire. Also, a word of advice that I have for you, is that many people fear the action step and stay in the upper chakra levels listed above, and never see their manifestation come into fruition. Try not to worry about how your dream is going to become reality. This is where people get caught up. The details don’t matter, the universe will take care of it for you. 

6. 2nd chakra (sacral)- Pleasure pleases

    • It is here that we embody the water element of the sacral chakra by nourishing our dream through sustainable practice, getting rid of what doesn’t serve the purpose of our dream and learning to attract what we need first, then what we want. 

7. 1st chakra (root)- Matter matters

    • As our dream enters the final stages of manifestation, it’s important to honor the root chakra by fulfilling our commitment to our dream by finishing any projects related to it. Celebrate, rest and enjoy your efforts!

I hope you find this information helpful, as I have found it to be so myself once having practiced this technique and actually seeing my dreams manifest into reality. I urge you to give it a good try, and if you do this right, you will be surprised at the life you can create with just your mind!

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