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Hit My 7th


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My 8th post!  I want to say that I enjoyed making my topics.  I would enjoy being a member of this team but I expect nothing.  If I am chosen or if I am not this experience was a pleasurable one that has benefited me personally.  Thank you for the opportunity.  I am confident that some of my posts were well received!  Ciao!

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My 7th post has just been submitted, and I am very much hoping that my topics have been of interest to you. It would be a great opportunity to be a part of this site and community. 

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Hello, I just hit my 7th post, and I am looking forward to hear from you. I hope that I will get a chance to become a member of this community.

P.S. I really didn't find out how to put my avatar, so I am apologizing for that.

Regards, FergusMacLeod

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I have just completed my seven posts in the applicant posting area and I hope to be approved for posting on forums and blogs. I've been a writer since 2007 and I simply write with passion. Writing has been my best job ever since I started online. Thanks.


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Wow, feels so great to finally be here! I'm excited to get started! I really think this'll be a great opportunity for me, since it looks like I'll be doing the stay-at-home-mom thing for the foreseeable future. Being able to have and maintain my own source of income will help out immensely with expenses, not to mention just basic job satisfaction. 

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